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RandyThe Web or Internet that most people call it today is now known for all information being disseminated. Just think, anything that happens in the world is first posted on the Web Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook…etc. That’s why I decided to create this Website to help user keep in touch with some of the hype that’s going on worldwide.

I’ve decided to take charge of some of the information that being put the Internet and investigate is it true or false. Rumors run wild on the Internet so you can come here to see what I’ve found out about such rumors. If I have not looked into it I’ll provide you a way to send your concerns to me.

The is why I’ve call this special site “Web Breakthrough” because it will happen here when it hits the Web. I’m talking about Hollywood to Skid Row! We’re not going to miss a nothing or better yet we’re cover everything from A to Z and more…..

How many times have you heard about a rumor or fact and wanted to know more about if from someone that has checked it out. That’s what I plan to base this Website on the “Facts about Facts or Rumors” if that make since. Things fly around the web so fast and with the technology that everyone has a Smartphone in their hands you can have pictures in front of you from an incident around the World in seconds and with videos on these phones you can have live actions most of the time.

A perfect example of that was with the Boston Marathon a few months ago. That was a major incident that went global in seconds. You had people right on the streets at the finish line recording videos as the scene was still taking places. Hell the found the description of the Bombers from the use a people taking picture through their cell phones.

This was probably the first Crime that Boston Police ask people for all their records and pictures that they took so they can help find the suspect. Now that’s a major breakthrough in crime handling. I’m believing that this Website would get the type of attention once everyone gets the news about what we are doing or trying to do.

We’ll not just focus on Major events but we’ll look into the latest technologies, clothing, styles, Health, sports and current events. We’ll build a Database of events and situation in numerous categories so when you come here you always have the latest news surrounding any information that we’ve posted here at the Web Breakthrough!

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googlehummingbirdI know most of are not probably technical savey and most of your that are reading this BreakThrough update so I’ll try and put it as simple as I know how or better yet as I know how, I’m no search engine guru.

Google has taking the “keyword Search” that you use to seeing in the results once you tpye them in ad made it more of a answer base results, what did I just say? Well lets try this. When you type a word into the Google search box it will now try and answers to what you are typing instead of results. For those that are familiar with the term “long tail Keywords” know what I mean.

Here’s an example: Lets say you typed in “White House”! Before Google would just give you results about the Washington D.C. House where the President of the U.S. lives. Know with the new algorithm code name “Hummingbird” your results would be more an answer like: The White House was built in blah, blah,
I hope that help… I tried. Below is a quote I took from

“The Hummingbird update will put less emphasis on matching keywords and more emphasis on understanding what a user is most likely hoping to obtain in their search results. If I can give businesses one piece of advice after this update, it’s to prioritize a well-rounded online marketing strategy that continues to deliver a clear message. Every business in America has an audience, but not every business in America understands the needs of their audience. The companies who prioritize the needs of their users and create content to satisfy those needs will see the biggest successes in the future.

It’s not enough to have a beautifully designed website or an entertaining blog that keeps people coming back for more. Businesses need to focus on staying ahead of the competition by taking advantage of all the marketing initiatives the Internet provides. From blogs and website design to a strong social media presence, it all ties in to becoming the authority in a given space.”

For those that are concern about SEO:

FAQ on Hummingbird:

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